How to repair and maintain dump trucks, a few key points for you to analyze in detail


As a special truck that can unload by itself, dump trucks will inevitably have some failures during use. If some faults can be repaired and eliminated in time, it can not only improve the work efficiency of truck drivers, but also save a lot of overhaul costs and improve the service life of the vehicle! The maintenance and repair of dump trucks are also closely related, and the precursors of damage to a certain component can be repaired in time; Some undamaged parts can also be serviced during the repair process. In the daily use of the car, we must deal with the relationship between the two!

Generally speaking, the following maintenance is required to ensure that the car can be used normally and increase the service life:

1. Whether the protective coating on the bottom of the body is damaged.

2. Replace the fuel filter and spark plug.

3. Check the ribbed belt and replace it if necessary.

4. Whether the engine timing belt is cracked or damaged, and replace it if necessary.

5. Whether the bolts of the engine oil pan are loose, and tighten them according to the specified torque if necessary.


7. Whether the connections of the fuel system are aged, damaged, loose or worn.


9. Whether the hinges of the left and right control arms and the hinges of the rear axle are damaged or invalid.

In addition, every two years or 50,000 kilometers of driving, the car must change the brake fluid, and check the brake alarm system and brake booster. For manual transmission vehicles, the transmission gear oil is changed every 12 months or 50 00 km driven. Cars equipped with automatic transmissions should have their transmission gear oil checked from time to time and should be changed every 30,000 kilometres.

These maintenance items are for reference only, please refer to the vehicle maintenance manual for specific models.

In daily use, we must remember to focus on maintenance and repair with maintenance. During use, it is also necessary to operate in accordance with the operation safety operation procedures of the dump truck to avoid vehicle failure caused by improper operation. Rational use of vehicles, maintenance vehicles and maintenance vehicles can improve the reliability and safety of dump trucks, and it is also an important guarantee for the driver's own safety. In addition, the service life of the dump truck can also be improved accordingly, which can improve the economic benefits of use. The key points in the maintenance of the two dump trucks described above, I don't know if you have learned?

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