Mobile Concession Stainless Stand Food Cart Trailer
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Mobile Concession Stainless Stand Food Cart Trailer

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you Mobile Concession Stainless Stand Food Cart Trailer. Use:Truck Trailer
Max Payload:40000KG
Place of Origin:Midland, China
Design Pressure:0.65Mpa
Design Temperature:-196℃ to +50℃
Medium:LNG Liquid Oxygen / CO2 / Nitrogen
King pin:2"(50mm)or3.5"(90mm)
Axle:FUWA Brand
Landing Gear:JOST Brand
Suspension:Mechanical Suspension
Brake System:WABCO

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Product Description

Mobile Concession Stainless Stand Food Cart Trailer

A mobile concession stainless steel stand food cart trailer is a versatile and compact unit designed for selling food and beverages at various locations. It provides a convenient and mobile solution for entrepreneurs and food vendors to serve customers in outdoor settings. Here are some features and considerations for a Fumin mobile concession stainless stand food cart trailer:
Construction and Material: The food cart trailer is typically constructed using stainless steel, which offers durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of cleaning. Stainless steel is also a hygienic material, making it suitable for food handling and preparation.
Size and Layout: The size and layout of the food cart trailer can vary depending on individual requirements and the type of food being served. It typically includes a cooking or food preparation area, storage space, and a counter or serving area for customers.
Cooking Equipment: The food cart trailer is equipped with essential cooking equipment based on the menu offerings. This may include griddles, fryers, hot plates, ovens, microwaves, or other appliances necessary for food preparation and cooking. The equipment should be suitable for the intended food items and comply with safety regulations.
Food Storage: Adequate storage space is essential to keep food ingredients, supplies, and utensils organized. The trailer should have refrigerated storage for perishable items and dry storage for non-perishables. Cabinets, shelves, and drawers can be included to ensure proper organization and easy access to supplies.
Serving Counter and Display: The trailer should have a serving counter or display area where customers can place their orders and collect their food. This area can be equipped with sneeze guards, heat lamps, or other features to maintain food quality and hygiene.
Sink and Sanitary Facilities: A food cart trailer should have a handwashing sink with hot and cold water for proper sanitation. Adequate space for cleaning dishes and utensils should be included, along with wastewater disposal facilities.
Power and Water Supply: The trailer needs a reliable power source, such as a generator or electrical hookup, to operate cooking equipment, refrigeration, lighting, and other electrical appliances. It should also have a freshwater tank and a wastewater holding tank for water supply and disposal.
Signage and Branding: External signage and branding elements can be added to the food cart trailer to attract customers and create a cohesive brand identity. This can include menus, logos, and graphics that showcase the food offerings and engage potential customers.
Safety Considerations: Fire safety measures, such as fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems, should be in place to ensure the safety of both the operators and customers. Adequate ventilation and proper gas or electrical connections are essential for a safe working environment.
Regulatory Compliance: It is important to comply with local health department regulations, permits, and licensing requirements when operating a mobile concession food cart trailer. This ensures food safety and adherence to legal obligations.
When selecting or designing a mobile concession stainless stand food cart trailer, it is recommended to work with reputable manufacturers or consult with professionals experienced in the foodservice industry. They can provide guidance on layout design, equipment selection, compliance with regulations, and customization options to create a functional and attractive food cart trailer that meets specific business needs.

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item value
Use Truck Trailer
Type Semi-Trailer
Material Steel
Size 13000×2500×3900MM
Max Payload 40000KG
Place of Origin Midland, China
Brand Name Jushixin
Capacity 54CBM
Design Pressure 0.65Mpa
Design Temperature -196℃ to +50℃
Medium LNG Liquid Oxygen / CO2 / Nitrogen
Tire 12.00R20
King pin 2"(50mm)or3.5"(90mm)
Axle FUWA Brand
Landing Gear JOST Brand
Suspension Mechanical Suspension
Brake System WABCO

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Q: Could you special design and produce for me?
A: Definitely! We have all kinds of professional engineers, could design and produce special product according to customer requested. Such as: special Size, special control, or OEM, etc.
Q: How about your product quality?
A: High quality has always been our advantage.We all use high quality brand materials with 100% quality assurance.
Q: What's your payment term?
A: We accept both T/T and L/C T/T: 30% deposit by T/T, 70% balance should be paid before shipment. L/C: 100% irrevocable Credit of Letter.

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