Used 3 Axle Lowbed Semi Trailer
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Used 3 Axle Lowbed Semi Trailer

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you Used 3 Axle Lowbed Semi Trailer. Power:1.5-30kw
Warranty:1 Year
After-sales Service Provided:Online support
Application fields:Beverage Factory, Commercial catering, Cooking oil factory, Dairy products factory, Frozen food Factory, Fruit processing plant, Meat processing plants, Seasoning plant, Snack food factory, Vegetable processing plant, Winery,
Cannery, Flour mill, Bakery
Machinery Capacity:30unit/month
Machinery Function:Ice cream, Hot dog, Coffee/BBQ, Food business
Raw material:Corn, Flour, Fruit, Soybean, Vegetables, Water, Wheat, Other, Wheat Flour
Output product name:Mobile food trailer
Key Selling Points:Long Service Life
Marketing Type:Hot Product 2023
Machinery Test Report:Provided
Video outgoing-inspection:Provided
Warranty of core components:1 Year
Core Components:Other
Keywords:food truck trailer
Material:Stainless Steel
Function:Vending Kinds
Name:Food trailer
Color:Customized as your request

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Product Description

Used 3 Axle Lowbed Semi Trailer

When searching for a Fumin used 3 axle lowbed semi trailer, there are several factors to consider to ensure you find the right trailer that meets your needs. Here are some steps you can take:
Determine your requirements: Identify the specific requirements for the lowbed semi-trailer, such as the desired load capacity, deck length, deck height, axle configuration, suspension type, and any additional features you may need.
Research reputable sellers or suppliers: Look for reputable sellers or dealers who specialize in used semi-trailers. Online marketplaces, local dealerships, or classified ads may be good places to start your search. Check for customer reviews or ratings to gauge their reputation.
Inspect the trailer in person or request detailed information: If possible, inspect the used lowbed semi-trailer in person or ask the seller for detailed information and photos. Look for signs of wear, structural damage, rust, or any other issues that may affect the trailer's integrity or performance.
Check the trailer's history and maintenance records: Inquire about the trailer's history, including previous usage, maintenance records, and any repairs or modifications that have been made. This information can help you assess the trailer's overall condition and reliability.
Verify the trailer's dimensions and specifications: Ensure that the used semi-trailer meets the necessary size requirements, including the deck length, deck width, and overall dimensions. Confirm that it has three axles and the weight capacity suitable for your intended loads.
Negotiate the price: If the seller allows room for negotiation, try to reach a fair price based on the trailer's condition, age, any additional features, and the current market value.
Verify legal compliance: Check that the used semi-trailer meets all legal requirements and regulations for roadworthiness and compliance with transportation standards in your region.
Consider a professional inspection: If you are not experienced in assessing semi-trailers, consider hiring a professional inspector who can thoroughly evaluate the trailer's condition and provide an unbiased assessment.
By following these steps, you can increase your chances of finding a suitable used 3-axle lowbed semi-trailer that meets your needs and is in good condition. It's important to thoroughly inspect the trailer, conduct your due diligence, and verify legal compliance before making a purchase.

Used 3 Axle Lowbed Semi Trailer Description

Food trailer also can be called food cart, food van, food truck and so on. It can be used to sell fast food, snakes, ice cream,coffee and so on. It consist of chassis, body, flooring, working table, water system, electric system, driving cab and so on. Users also can choose the color they want. We would like to purchase other equipments if customers want.


1. Body size is not fixed, you can have your own size and design. Customization is available.
2. Any uncertain trailer design, don't be hesitate to talk to us.
3.We can provide 3D drawings for you to preview your customized inside of food trailers.

Main Advantage

1.Low-cost and Environmental (no smoke ,no noise,no pollution );
2.Easy to move any place (your Business is not constrained);
3. Unique shape (invisible to attract more customers);
4. Long service life (Corrosion resistant,heat resistance,waterproof,no deformation).


Q1. What is MOQ?
A1, No matter which model 1set is our MOQ;

Q2. What is payment Terms for making order?
A2, Our payment terms is T/T or use Trade Assurance (50% deposit+50%balance);

Q3. Are you manufacturer?
A3. Yes,OEM,we are manufacturer with own workshop;

Q4.Is your trailer meeting our county standard ?
A4. All our trailer will be made according to different countries standard , including wires , lights, gas etc . And will be tested on road before delivery

Q5. Can the size, appearance and color of your food trailer be customized?
A5.Yes, all can be customized according to your requirements.

Q6. What kinds of kitchen equipment are available?
A6.Many kinds, such as fryers, ovens, refrigerators etc. Please contact us to get kitchen equipment catalog.

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