Torsion Axle With Electric Brake
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Torsion Axle With Electric Brake

Fumin is a professional leader China Torsion Axle With Electric Brake manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. Welcome to contact us. Use:Trailer Parts
Parts:Trailer Axles
Max Payload:1500kg
Place of Origin:China
Type:Trosion axle
Capacity:1500 kg
break:10" Electric brake
Number of bolt:5

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Product Description

Torsion Axle With Electric Brake

A torsion axle with electric brakes is a type of suspension system commonly used in trailers, particularly those designed for towing behind vehicles like cars, SUVs, or trucks. This type of axle incorporates both torsion suspension and electric brake systems.
Here are the main components of a torsion axle with electric brakes:
Torsion Axle: A torsion axle consists of a solid beam or tube that integrates rubberized torsion arms within the axle assembly. These torsion arms provide suspension and absorb road shocks by flexing and twisting in response to the load and road conditions. Torsion axles offer a smoother ride compared to traditional leaf spring suspensions.
Electric Brake Assemblies: Electric brake assemblies are attached to the torsion axle and are responsible for providing braking force to the trailer. Each wheel typically has its own electric brake assembly. These assemblies consist of an electrically actuated brake drum or rotor, brake shoes or pads, and an electric brake actuator. When the brake controller in the towing vehicle sends an electric signal, the brake actuator applies the brake shoes or pads against the drum or rotor, creating friction and slowing down the trailer.
Brake Controller: The brake controller is an electronic device installed in the towing vehicle. It is responsible for sending electric signals to the electric brake assemblies on the trailer. The brake controller allows the driver to control and adjust the braking force applied to the trailer, based on the towing conditions.
Wiring and Connectors: A wiring system connects the brake controller in the towing vehicle to the electric brake assemblies on the trailer. This wiring system carries the electric signals required for brake operation. Various connectors, such as 7-pin or 5-pin connectors, are used to establish the electrical connection between the towing vehicle and the trailer.
The combination of torsion suspension and electric brakes provides enhanced ride comfort and improved braking performance for trailers. The torsion axle absorbs road shocks and vibrations, reducing trailer bounce and providing a smoother towing experience. The electric brakes offer responsive and effective braking, allowing the driver to control the trailer's stopping power.
Regular maintenance and inspections of the torsion axle and electric brake system are important to ensure proper functionality and safety. This includes checking brake pad wear, adjusting brake shoe clearances, inspecting wiring connections, and ensuring the brake controller is operating correctly.

item Torsion Axle with Electric Brake
Max Payload 1500KG
Size 750
Place of Origin China
Brand Name Rongcheng
Brake 10“ Electric Brake
Bolts number 5
PCD 114.3


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Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
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30% T/T deposit, 70% T/T balanced before shipment.

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